We provide a service to small / medium sized UK companies allowing them to feel safe in sourcing components, designs & automation in Asia

What We Do

We are your buying agent and sourcing partner for the Far East, ensuring your purchasing process is extremely more efficient and your overheads are lower. We strive for quality and fast turnarounds.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose us as your outsourcing agent, you can be sure of transparency, fast communication and reliability for all aspects of the process.

Supply Chain Management

Our experienced team helps with sourcing trusted suppliers, delivering high-quality products, negotiating price and offering punctuality upon final delivery.

Trusted Relationships

With over 20 years in the business, we have built up core relationships with numerous companies in China, allowing you to feel confident.

Sourcing Components

Our relationships mean we can source the greatest quality components at competitive rates for all companies.


Since Elementary Outsourcing was formed, transparency, integrity and quality has been at the heart of our core values.

Easily Accessible

Our team are always at hand to answer any questions and to keep you updated at all points of the project.

On The Ground

Our location means that we are in the heart of the action, so we are the practical choice for saving you time and money.

International Logistics Solutions

Our aim is to save your business time and money and we offer a service designed to make sourcing from China simple.

Extensive Supplier Network

Due to our work with small and medium enterprises, we have an extensive and established supplier network.

Our Services

We offer a number of services for your company outsourcing needs. Read on to find out more…

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch today to find out how our outsourcing services can benefit your company.