Why choose our automated services

We offer the complete package for your manufacturing needs, striving to find the automated solution that suits your industry, project and budget.

From initial concept to the final delivery, our automated services are bespoke to your requirements and we’ll keep you updated on the progress throughout development.


Detailed Specifications

No matter your requirements or project, our automated services will ensure delivery is as you expected – utilising the highest quality materials and trusted suppliers.

Expert Relationships

Our approach to automation has helped to create relationships with some of the world’s leading companies, making sure we provide a project of great quality for all industries.

Product and Engineering Knowledge

Our team offers full capability, boasting more than 20 years’ experience within the trade. We can guarantee detailed designer knowledge, technical ability, production and even project management.

What We Do Best

High Quality Standards

Working with global leaders ensures that we deliver projects and automated solutions to the best possible standard, backed by the ability for all processes and manufacturing.

Diverse Project Experience

Our working relationships and previous customers have provided us with the experience of many different markets and industries, and the requirements for each.

Latest Technologies

We have the latest technology available to aid our automated services and product delivery. In addition to this, we can support all customers on a global basis.

Pre-Agreed Deadlines

We will always strive to meet your deadlines and make sure you stay in control every step of the way, communicating all aspects of our automation solution and project progress


Our people, processes and IT are suited for all SMEs, with the latest design software also ensuring quality to your work.

The complete solution

Elementary Outsourcing offers you the complete solution. We work with you from your original idea to create an automation or special purpose solution, one that is tailored to your requirements.

We have an 100% customer satisfaction rating…

We have an 100% customer satisfaction rating…
For more than 20 years, we have been the chosen manufacturing and design outsourcer for hundreds of clients, with an outstanding success rate.