Component Sourcing

We offer risk free component outsourcing, helping companies from all over the world to purchase materials from China and the Far East.

Elementary Outsourcing – Your Outsourcing Partner

Sourcing components from the Far East can prove risky for those without a reliable supplier, which is where our services come in. Our experienced team will assess and select the supplier to meet your needs, ensuring you can deal with your business at hand.


Our component outsourcing process is extremely efficient, with the overall aim to ensure you receive the best service and lower costs.

Reduce Lead-Times

Here at Elementary Outsourcing, we aim to remove all of the hassle out of your business and cut lead-times. We have vast experience in global sourcing and supply chain management, providing your company with competitive rates.

Active Role

Our team of knowledgeable experts make sure that you receive only the greatest products and take an active role throughout the outsourcing process, monitoring all aspects all the way to the final delivery.

What We Do Best

Find Suitable Manufacturers

Our component outsourcing benefits all SMEs and we will work to find a suitable supplier for your business, audit and vet them to ensure product quality and delivery punctuality are met to your exact standards.

Confirm and Negotiate Prices

Our services are designed to provide all businesses with the best possible costs and we will negotiate a price to suit your requirements and your budget, while delivering the utmost in quality.


We will thoroughly audit all products and components and even pre-production samples to check all work exceeds your expectations.

Make Sure Logistics Work

This is your time we are saving, so we will strive to make sure the logistics are correct and work for your business upon final delivery of your products.

Supply Chain Management

Elementary Outsourcing will assist and advise, offering full service chain management – including supplier sourcing and evaluating, price and business negotiations, technical assistance, quality assurance, logistics and development.

Highly Trained Staff

Above all, the Elementary Outsourcing team boasts more than 20 years experience within the industry, building relationships with trusted suppliers all over the world.

We have an 100% customer satisfaction rating…

We have worked with all manner of SMEs for more than 20 years and we are proud to be one of the best supply chain services.