Rig / Jig Design

Elementary Outsourcing tackle all your tough-to-design and manufacture jigging / rigging with its team of engineering and manufacturing specialists.

Why Choose Our Jigs / Rigs Services?

We specialise in the design of unique component handling, manufacturing test, and quality inspection jigs and semi-automated rigs.

A Complete Service

Our range of rig and jig design services span from simple checking to master inspection to production assembly.

Innovative Approach

We will always look for the most creative solution, while keeping a focus on keeping your products robust.

Absolute Accuracy

From starting design to inspecting the product, our solutions are 100% accurate and bespoke to your company.

What We Do Best

Attention to Detail

We take great pride in the quality of our work, paying attention to all of the finer details and maintaining health and safety throughout.

Latest Machinery

Our team deliver only the finest products using high-quality, accurate and reliable machinery – offering the best results.

Exact Specification

Our solutions are developed to fit your requirements, complying with stringent quality standards and ensuring reliable, repeatable parts.

Improve Productivity

Our rig/jig design services will revolutionise your company, improving efficiency and component quality, reducing labour and time costs.


We are always working to develop our team to ensure we are ahead of industry trends and compliant with all safety measures.

Superior Customer Service

Our team offers technical expertise and a strong reputation for meeting your budget, time and expectations throughout the entire process.

Let’s Work Together

We will work with you throughout the entire service. If you would like to get to know more about our rig/jig services – get in touch today.